Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.

Supermetrics vs Swydo

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We saw a lot of questions regarding the difference between Supermetrics and Swydo, but just to be honest, both products are operating in different domains although it seems they both do the same.

But, if there’s a confusion about these two products, it means something is not clear in their positioning so let’s sort things out for you.

  • Supermetrics is a powerful mechanism to pull data from more than 40 ad networks and data sources, BUT – you decide where to put the data you’ve just pulled. You can push the data directly into your Google Sheets file, Microsoft Excel or even Google Data Studio. So, as you can see, Supermetrics is “just” the middle-man. There’s no UI to build stuff with it.
  • Swydo has the same set of tools to pull data from data sources (only 20 connectors) but it does not push the data to where ever you want to. Swydo has its own reporting tool where you can create a dashboard for yourself or for your clients. So, It’s like Supermetrics+Google Data Studio – together.
  • If you ask me, the real Swydo competitor is not Supermetrics. It’s Google Data Studio which offers a free reporting tool which can be integrated with Supermetrics or any other data-pull tools. This way the user can remain in a Google-oriented environment without using another 3rd party like Swydo.
  • It won’t be fair to say that Swydo is just a reporting tool. They have two more products under the hood. The first is Monitoring. An internal engine that monitors costs and goals by setting targets and showing alerts. The second tool called Workflow which helps you organize all your reporting tasks within your team. Nice feature but not groundbreaking.
  • So why people tend to mix between these two? I’ll tell you why. Since the day Google Data Studio opened their community connectors which give companies like Supermetrics the option to integrate their connectors into Data Studio, many users migrated from 3rd party reporting tools to Google Data Studio, and Supermetrics slicked in with its powerful tools enabling the users to connect to an enormous amount of data centers.

I hope this piece was clear and now you can decide which product fits best to your needs. Do not hesitate to ask anything in the comments section below.

P.s – you might wanna read some other Supermetrics alternatives here.

Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.

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