Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.

Supermetrics – The Complete F.A.Q

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Supermetrics, one of the leading products in the world for fetching data from more than 40 data sources into Google Data Studio, Excel or Google Sheets, takes a lot of attention. So, we took all the popular questions and concerns regarding Supermetrics and here they are:

Can I Invest in Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a privately held Finish company, which means you cannot officially invest by buying shares in your nearest stock market, but since they raised 3.5M Euros in Series-A round, they might go to a second round in the future although it seems they’re doing just fine without it.

Supermetrics Connectors Full List

Supermetrics has more than 100 connectors to different data sources. Click here to see the full list of Supermetrics Connectors.

Supermetrics API Cost

Yes! Supermetrics has an API, which means that if you want to pull data from all the awesome data sources they have, to your CRM or any other BI tool, you can use their API. It’s like API within API’s. The pricing though, is a bit vague, but rumors say it starts somewhere at 400$/month, depends on some factors, such as how many connectors you need and the amount of calls. Great tool for developers or for data savvys if you ask us. If you wish to go on with that, you should contact them directly.

Supermetrics Apple Search Ads Connector

If you’re running Apple Search Ads and wish to get the campaigns data to google sheets or Google Data Studio, it’s not yet possible with Supermetrics, and they do not support this platform, yet.

As an alternative, you can always develop your own tool with Apple Search Ads API or save some time with this GitHub project.

Supermetrics Cost

Supermetrics is one hell of a product. Really. We even consider the pricing pretty fair for the value you get. But one must understand the pricing tiers.

First, there’s no product by the name Supermetrics. That’s the general solution name, the concept, the technology. But this technology has many faces and wrapped as different products or tools if you may, each with its own pricing.

If you want to get data into Google Sheets – you need “Supermetrics for Google Sheets“. If you wanna import data Google Data Studio – It’s a different product called “Supermetrics for Data Studio” and on. Each has a different pricing. Even Supermetrics for Data Studio is a general name for a solutions bucket. You can buy Facebook Ads connector, or buy only YouTube Connector. You can even buy a bundle to get all the connectors you need for Google Data Studio. Each package with its different pricing.

Once you know which product you want, the pricing changes based on the billing period. 1 month billing plan, 3 months and yearly plan. We strongly recommend that once you choose the right product, take the monthly plan. Play with Supermetrics for a while for several months and make sure it’s the best solution for you. Once you feel that this is the best product ever, change the billing plan to a longer period and enjoy the discount that comes with it.

Supermetrics Black-Friday/Cyber-Monday Deals

Supermetrics tends to run very few to none Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. They had one in 2017, but none recently, so who knows what will be next year.

Supermetrics Data Grabber Vs. Supermetrics for Excel

Let’s make this one short. Both products seems pretty much of the same for a glance. But they are not.

In fact, Supermetrics Data Grabber is about to die and the Excel add-on will take over its place. So take the Excel version 🙂

Supermetrics Trial

Fortunately, Supermetrics gives a 14-day trial period for any of their products. Since 14 days is a bit tight, we strongly recommend choosing the monthly pricing and not the annual until you are 100% sure it’s the right product for you. Yes, it’s not cheap, but it is smart. The only free version of Supermetrics, is Supermetrics for Google sheets, with Google Analytics only connector.

Is Supermetrics Safe?

To answer that question we had to dig in the privacy policy and the TOC page to scout for details. These are the most important things you must know about the safety of your data using Supermetrics:

  • Supermetrics does not store your data permanently on their servers, hence, your campaigns, performance, or any data you are pulling using the product. Why we emphasized “Permanently“? Because Supermetrics may cache your query results on their servers as needed for the success of your query. The good news is that the cached data is encrypted and once Supermetrics doesn’t need it – it gets deleted.
  • Supermetrics employees might have access to the data, but they access it only upon request by the user in order to solve issues, and even such case, that access is regulated and monitored.
  • Supermetrics do not share data and reports with 3rd parties.
  • Supermetrics connects to the marketing and ad networks using only the official API.
  • All data transfers are done using SSL encrypted connections.
  • When you log in to a specific network to make your reports (e.g Facebook ads) you are not typing your username/password into a Supermetrics form. It’s done using the official login/authentication form from the vendor directly. Supermetrics cannot “read” your user/password details. That’s the case for any oAuth based platform. And yes, there’s a “but” coming now.
  • Some platforms do not use OAuth and “force” Supermetrics to ask the user for the credentials, so you need to type your user/password into a Supermetrics form. In such case, the credentials are encrypted and stored.
  • Read the official Supermetrics documentation on their data management and privacy here.

Is Supermetrics Free?

Out of all Supermetrics product catalog, the only free product is the “Supermetrics for Google Analytics” add-on. To install it, open Google sheets, create a new file, and click “Add-on“menu item, then “Get Add-on” and look for Supermetrics. This will help you to pull data only from Google Analytics, for free.

Supermetrics for Google Trends

Yes! Read all about it here.

Supermetrics Quota and Limits

Supermetrics has some limitation on the amount of calls it made in general and specific limitation per platform it connects to. To see the full list of limitation, visit here.

Supermetrics Time Zone

If you’re using Supermetrics for Google Sheets for your reports, you might notice the scheduler feature. It enables you to schedule refresh your Supermetrics queries. You can access the scheduler via Google Sheets menu “Add-ons” , then “Supermetrics” and then “Schedule refresh and emailing“. Once opened you’ll see that any trigger that you create has it’s time zone. Sometimes it won’t reflect your desired settings, since you want to run it on 2AM PST although you are based in the UK.

To change Supermetrics Time zone, go to Google sheets, File menu -> “Spreadsheet Settings“. There you’ll find the time zone of that specific Google sheets file. Once you change it, Supermetrics will consider it as the proper time zone. Easy, huh?

Supermetrics Dimensions & Metrics

It seems pretty straight forward at first. You go to your Facebook Ads interface, or Google Analytics, you create a report, choose your metrics and dimensions, and then trying to create the same report using Supermetrics to Google Sheets or Data Studio, but for some weird reason, you cannot find the fields you used. Something has changed. Some dimensions are missing, some metrics have a different name then what you’re used seeing in the official interface. What’s happening? Why Supermetrics does take the dimension and metrics AS-IS?

The simple answer is that 99% of such events are the fault of the ad networks API and not Supermetrics.

Sometimes Facebook changes a specific field in the UI, but does not change it in the API, so Supermetrics takes it as it appears in the API. Sometimes Facebook does not open the specific metric or dimension to the API. it’s strictly not supported so, again, Supermetrics cannot take it. If you want to see a partial list of Supermetrics dimensions & Metrics, you can visit these links:

Supermetrics Competitors & Alternatives

There are well known Supermetrics alternatives out there, and we’ve decided to take a deep breath and dive into a detailed comparison with each one of them. Until it’s ready, there are the main services like Supermetrics. Some are direct competitors and some just seems to be similar but they are completely different tools.

Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.

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