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Supermetrics, one of the leading data-fetch tools has several faces to the main product. You can access your ad networks or analytics data using several methods:

  • Data Studio Connectors – You can buy a single connector to pull data from one specific data source (like Facebook ads), and push it directly to Data Studio reports.
  • API – if you want to pull data from any data source, but you wish to push it into your CRM or BI platform, you probably want to use their API which allows you just that. The pricing, by the way, is tailor-made.
  • Excel -Yes, you can install Supermetrics great Microsoft Excel add-on and pull the data directly to your Excel sheets (You can use this great coupon for nice discount)
  • Google Sheets – Probably the most common usage with Supermetrics and the leading product (comes with a real best value price tag if you ask me). To use it, you need to install Supermetrics Add-On in your Google Sheets app. To do that, open Google Sheets, click the menu item “Add-ons” then “Get add-ons” and then when the popup appears, look for Supermetrics. This will add Supermetrics tool to any of your google sheets files.
  • Chrome Extension – Supermetrics has no Chrome extension, but It has an add-on to Google Sheets. The reason people are looking for Chrome extension is that the Chrome extensions store looks precisely like the Google Drive add-ons store. Unfortunately, we cannot supply a direct link to it, so you have to open Google Sheets, click “Add-ons” menu, then “Get add-ons” and look for Supermetrics.
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