Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.

Complete List of Integrations – Supermetrics, Power My Analytics, Report Garden, Swydo

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The market is hot🔥. Many tools out there can pull data from almost any data source and push to anywhere. Most of them focus on their own reporting tools, some focus on Google Data Studio and some on Google Sheets or Excel.

But sometimes, the reason we choose a tool is because that’s the only tool that can connect to the data sources we need.Some tools focuses on E-commerce platforms, some on ad networks. some has few connectors and some has hundreds.

The table below contains all the main tools and their connectors. Each connector has its category (Ad network, Video platform etc.) and a nice search field so you can see find your desired connector in no time.

I know that most of the platforms are moving ahead, adding more and more connectors (might influence the price, so be aware..) so I promise to keep update this list every couple of months, making sure you’ll find the right tool for you. If I missed something, please add your comments below.

This comparison table includes Supermetrics, Power My Analytics, Swydo, Report Garden and I’ll add more soon.

If you click the integration name, it’ll take you to the official platform API documentation, if you wish to know what information is accessible using these connectors. Please note that not every dimension or metrics you see in any of your data sources is available using these connectors.

List of Data Sources for Supermetrics, Power My Analytics, Swydo and Report Garden

IntegrationTypeSupermetricsReport GardenSwydoPower My Analytics
Google AnalyticsAnalytics✔✔✔
Google AdsAd Network✔✔✔
Facebook AdsAd Network✔✔✔✔
Instagram AdsAd Network✔✔✔✔
Facebook InsightsSocial✔✔✔
Bing AdsAd Network✔✔✔✔
Google Search ConsoleSEO✔✔✔
Instagram InsightsSocial✔✔
Twitter AdsAd Network✔✔✔
Linkedin AdsAd Network✔✔✔
Linkedin Company PageSocial✔
Yahoo GeminiAd Network✔✔
Amazon AdsAd Network✔
Adobe AnalyticsAnalytics✔
Google My BusinessSEO✔✔✔✔
Google Big QueryDatabase✔
Google AdManager (aka DoubleClick)Ad Network✔✔
Google AdsenseAd Network✔
Google Display & Video 360
Campaign Manager
Ad Network✔
Google Display & Video 360
Bid Manager
Ad Network✔✔
AdformAd Network✔
Google Search Ads 360Ad Network✔
AdRollAd Network✔✔✔
Yandex.DirectAd Network✔
SEMRush AnalyticsSEO✔
Quora AdsAd Network✔✔
SEMRush ProjectsSEO✔
Facebook public dataSocial✔
LinkedIn URL share countsSocial✔✔
Instagram public dataSocial✔
Twitter public dataSocial✔✔
Google DriveStorage✔
Twitter AaalyticsAnalytics✔
Perfect AudienceAd Network✔
TwilloCall Tracking✔
CallTrackingMetricsCall Tracking✔✔
CallRailCall Tracking✔✔
Century Interactive/ Call BoxCall Tracking✔
AVANSERCall Tracking✔
WildJarCall Tracking✔
WhatConvertsCall Tracking✔
Apex ChatCall Tracking✔
ChoozleMarketing Automation✔
SizmekMarketing Automation✔
Simpli.fiAd Network✔
Google PagespeedPerformance✔
DialogtechCall Tracking✔
Constant ContactEmail✔
ListrakMarketing Automation✔
Trip AdvisorBooking✔

For more comparisons:

Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.

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