Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.


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7 Best URL Shortener Alternatives to Use Instead of Google’s Service

On March 30, 2019, Google shut down its popular and proved-to-be the fastest URL shortener service, (why?) The real reason to close this...
3 min read

Supermetrics vs Funnel

The rough discussion I had with some colleagues about the differences between Funnel and Supermetrics, gave me the impression that this subject needs to...
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Complete List of Integrations – Supermetrics, Power My Analytics, Report Garden, Swydo

The market is hot🔥. Many tools out there can pull data from almost any data source and push to anywhere. Most of them focus...
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Supermetrics vs Swydo

We saw a lot of questions regarding the difference between Supermetrics and Swydo, but just to be honest, both products are operating in different...
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Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics

Before we dive into a comparison between Supermetrics & PowerMyAnalytics, one must remember that both products have a different origin story. Supermetrics started as...
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Supermetrics – The Complete F.A.Q

Supermetrics, one of the leading products in the world for fetching data from more than 40 data sources into Google Data Studio, Excel or...
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