Mark Kaner Senior Product Manager and Data Specialist. Lives in Austria with my two daughters.


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Supermetrics vs Swydo

We saw a lot of questions regarding the difference between Supermetrics and Swydo, but just to be honest, both products are operating in different...
1 min read

Supermetrics – The Complete F.A.Q

Supermetrics, one of the leading products in the world for fetching data from more than 40 data sources into Google Data Studio, Excel or...
5 min read

7 Best URL Shortener Alternatives to Use Instead of Google’s Service

On March 30, 2019, Google shut down its popular and proved-to-be the fastest URL shortener service, (why?) The real reason to close this...
3 min read

Supermetrics vs Funnel

The rough discussion I had with some colleagues about the differences between Funnel and Supermetrics, gave me the impression that this subject needs to...
2 min read

Complete List of Integrations – Supermetrics, Power My Analytics, Report Garden, Swydo

The market is hot🔥. Many tools out there can pull data from almost any data source and push to anywhere. Most of them focus...
56 sec read

Supermetrics vs Power My Analytics

Before we dive into a comparison between Supermetrics & PowerMyAnalytics, one must remember that both products have a different origin story. Supermetrics started as...
33 sec read