Dianna kassela

  Independent Product Analyst and marketing evangelist, lives in Austria.


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What is Google Big Query

Google BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse and analytics platform provided by Google Cloud. It is a highly scalable and serverless platform that allows...
0 2 min read

How Supermetrics Work

Supermetrics General Structure Although it seems very simple to connect to data sources and push the data to Data Studio, Google Sheets, etc. it’s...
4 min read

Why Google Shuts down Goo.gl

A year ago, with no prior announcement, Goo.gl users who visited the Goo.gl site saw this message, at the top of the screen: Starting...
2 min read

SEMrush & Google Data Studio

It was two months ago when I was requested to pull SEMrush data to one of our clients Data Studio reports, so I had...
1 min read